Did Colt McCoy’s dad cost him his job?

Since the topic of fathers protecting their sons is becoming a hot top issue lately, we can turn our attention to Cleveland Browns QB Colt McCoy, or more appropriately, this father Brad.   If you remember back in December, Colt suffered what looked to be concussion in a game against the Steelers following a helmet-to-helmet hit from James Harrison. Following the game, elder McCoy made the decision to call out the Browns’ coaching staff for failing to remove his son from the game  Colt informed his father that he didn’t remember several plays, including the the interception he through that helped cost the team the game.

A report surfaced today from Tony Rossi at ESPNCleveland that Brad McCoy’s comments ultimately cost Colt his job as the starter for the Cleveland Browns, and why they are looking to trade him after selecting Brandon Weedan in last weeks NFL Draft.

I’ve been told that McCoy’s fate as a former starter was sealed when his father sounded off about the club’s handling of his concussion in the Pittsburgh game on Dec. 8.

I was told at the time that Brad McCoy’s comments meant the end of McCoy in Cleveland, but I didn’t believe it then.

The comments did not drive the pursuit of a new quarterback, but I believe they contributed to McCoy’s demise.

I will have more to say about McCoy’s rather stunning demise at a later date.

Pretty stunning that a concerned father’s critical comments to the media is the deciding factor on a player being the QB of an organization. There is no way at this point of proving that is actually the case, though it seems that Rossi plans on having more information to back up those claims at a later date. McCoy was not overly effective as a QB for the Browns. He wasn’t terrible, but he didn’t show much to be counted on as a franchise QB, which is something the Browns have been looking for since Otto Graham.

It is kinda laughable that Grossi calls it the “stunning demise” of Colt McCoy, as if he was looked at as the golden boy in Cleveland at any point.