Former head coach Randy Shannon is suing Miami

Talk about a bad break-up. Former Miami Hurricanes head coach and alum, Randy Shannon, is suing his alma mater for failure to pay him all his guaranteed money.

Shannon was the Hurricanes head coach from December of 2006 until December of 2010. While in Coral Gables, he compiled a record of 28-22, which is well below expectations at the U. While he was initially credited with helping to clean up a renegade program left by Larry Coker, he never reached the level of success of his predecessors or from his playing days in the 80s. The swagger was still missing. He was fired just hours after the regular season ended and was not coaching the Canes when they lost to Notre Dame in the 2010 Sun Bowl.

His lawsuit contends that the university made the decision to prorate his guaranteed money, that had kicked in the previous February. The lawsuit does state that he is receiving monthly payments from Miami, but at a lower rate than the deal would stipulate. Exact figures are not available, and are kept confidential due to terms of employment. According to his details of his contract, he was guaranteed a specified amount if he was fired prior to 2014.

“They are taking a credit for what they contend is an overpayment,” said Shannon’s attorney, Jack Scarola. “It’s our position in the lawsuit that they are not entitled to do that.”

Apparently, Shannon was also due a bonus that he did not receive for leading the Canes to the Sun Bowl that season. Obviously, the university did not pay him because he was no longer the coach. However, he was the coach of the team that reached the game.

Hey, guaranteed money is called that for a reason, right? Miami hasn’t commented on the lawsuit, but unless there is a cause in there that voids the guaranteed amount, they are going to have to pay up sooner or later. Shannon sure didn’t do the job they expected him to do, but it isn’t like the university was doing a heckuva a job monitoring its program all these years, either. They can deem his tenure as a failure for the program all they want, but pay that man his money.


    A contract is a contract is a contract! Pay the man, Miami! Even I could have told you that he wasn’t going to be a very good coach at Miami! Coach Shannon has way too much integrity to fit in at Miami!