Yoenis the Truth

I was all set to laud White Sox Paul Konerko for his 400th home run, which tied the game at 2 against the A’s in the ninth inning of yesterday’s game in Oakland.

Then Yoenis happened. The power-packed and maybe 26-year-old Cuban rook brought the Oakland Athletics back from a 4-2 deficit in the 14th when he pulled a low outside change-up for a 2-run home run. Three hits later the A’s won 5-4.

Cespedes is on pace for a 30-30 maiden campaign, and is the classic combo of high-risk, high-reward approach at the plate; in 18 games he has 5 home runs and 18 RBI…and 22 strikeouts. The centerfielder is 6-foot and 215 pounds and has stolen 4 bases in 6 tries. He will not compete for batting titles but could vie for MVP trophies.

Oakland signed him to a 4-year, $36 million contract in the offseason, a half year after he defected. His talents were displayed in a promotional video no one may ever see if they haven’t already–it was taken down, but not before Yahoo Sports’ Jeff Passan was able to describe its bizarre content.

I could excerpt Passan’s description, but it’s pretty detailed, and perhaps reading the article will set some Internet sleuths on the trail of the actual 20-minute document. Hey, I’m an Internet sleuth and I found it! It’s below, and yes, it’s 20 minutes, but after you get teased by Passan’s column, you won’t be able to not watch. If you don’t like Passan because of his BCS stances, let me help:

A full version of Sailing by Christopher Cross; post-home run stares; Japanese characters; Star Wars-like receding text at the opening; a scrumptious-looking pig on a spit; a shout-out to Ahman Green; shirtless and sprinting Cespedes; a cow in left field; a 1300-pound leg press; salsa dancing featuring the butt-crack of a relative, and of course, the sweet sweet Cuban uniforms.

So, do this: play the vid, leave it on in the background, come back to it here and there. Besides impressive displays of opposite-field power and amateurish camerawork and editing, there is Cross and Chris Brown and Lil’ Wayne and Busta Rhymes for your listening pleasure.