Video: Tour of Oregon’s locker room

I don’t think that a college team has a better locker room than that of the Oregon Ducks. I don’t even think Jerrah put together this nice of a space for Dallas.

Sophomore Bryan Bennett gives an inside look at the Ducks nest, which is dedicated to Phil Knight. Of course.

The best part of it? The lighting settings: Lounge, Huddle and Gameday. The lighting changes so that players don’t need to adjust to Autzen Stadium.

This is what Nike can do for your school, and this is the exact reason why your school is wearing an ugly uniform. So that they can have facilities like this.

H/T: The Dish

  • Watsonian

    Holy shit. If I were an 18 year old bad ass, I’d go oregon. Fuck all those other schools.

  • Suq Madiq

    I’m with wats. I bet their whores are just as classy.

  • rekcalsa

    I wholeheartedly agree Wats…plus, I’ve seen their cheerleaders.