Toronto Maple Leafs apologize for losing

If you are a hockey fan, you already know the Toronto Maple Leafs are well…bad. The team has not made the playoffs since the 2005-2006 season (the post lockout season), and have finished no better than 3rd in the Northeast division since then. They have churned through three coaches in that time as well as 3 GMs, and have made what could be called questionable trades (Dion Phaneuf, for example).  They have now done something that can only be described as mind boggling.  The chairman of Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment released a public apology in an open letter that was printed in today’s Toronto Sun (among other media outlets).  It states that they are very, very sorry for losing the last few years, are 100% committed to the Leafs & “believes in the plan for the Toronto Maple Leafs”.  Seems to me there is a very large heating source underneath the chair of Brian Burke.  If you are interested, the full letter is after the jump.

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  • Vez

    they should apologize for being the leafs and not the leaves

  • cbh49er

    Toronto Maple apologize for losing

    Leaf on the other hand, remains unapologetic.

  • Johnny

    The leafs have a plan?

    I do seriously hope that they get better mostly because the Leafs ineptitude reminds me of the Cubs sadly

  • Geeezeus

    Dion Phaneuf, for example

    Of all the trades they’ve made post lockout, that is one of the least questionable. (Even though I hate his contract).

    Also, I’m happy as a clam to see Brian Burke fail.

  • V

    Being from Toronto, I gotta say that the Leafs have been a disaster ever since the lockout ended. People don’t know this, but EVERY September, before the season starts, when people are getting interviewed on the street about the Leafs, ALMOST EVERYONE says that “this is the year the Leafs go all the way.” Makes me laugh so hard that I fall off the couch. And having personally worked for the MLSE organization, I have seen that THE ONLY thing they care about is the profit & filling the stands. Staff & players…?! I won’t even go there… Vince Carter left. Chris Bosh left. TFC is garbage. Raptors are garbage. I think I’ve made a point here.

  • cabbage

    Sad part is, I can remember when you had to really know someone to get a ticket to see the Leafs play.