Bobby Petrino’s female passenger has wedding site hijacked – UPDATED

The internet is a wonderful thing at times, and I am not sure that this is one of those times, though there are others that would disagree.

Earlier today, it was revealed that Arkansas Razorbacks’ head coach Bobby Petrino had a female passenger with him when he crashed his motorcycle earlier this week. As soon as her name became public, the classiness of the internet came out in full force. Her name, as stated in the report is Jessica Dorrell.

People immediately went to the ol’ Google machine and typed in her name. What they found is that she is a beautiful 25-year-old currently working in the Athletic Department at Arkansas. What people also found was her wedding website. She is engaged to a fellow Arkansas student who also works in the AD office. Here is where things go from typical internet lurking to outright insanity. The guestbook at the website was infiltrated. Here is a link to the guestbook, I imagine that she and her fiance will ask for it to be shutdown at some point.

Now, if that link is no longer working, or you don’t want to admit to clicking on it, here are some screen caps of the message that many people have left the engaged couple. Some are humorous, and some are downright mean. click to enlarge

I have to applaud some of the more clever comments, like that one that was labeled as being from the Arkansas State Patrol. But ya can’t just help but shake your head at those things that were typed by the SEC message board mouth breathers. There was even a poster, not included in the screenshots, inviting everyone to joining the Razorbacks’ boards.

Also, why is a 25-year-old that is engaged to get married getting a ride home with Bobby Petrino? Why is Bobby Petrino, who is married, giving a ride on his motorcycle to a 25-year-old woman that is engaged? It wasn’t a good idea from the start, and this isn’t going to be cleaned up easily for anyone.

UPDATE: While we’re here, in an attempt to do something nice for the young couple, perhaps you’d like to purchase them a wedding gift from the Dorrell Wedding Registry on Bed, Bath & Beyond?  We would just recommend saving the receipt.

UPDATE: Bobby Petrino has admitted to an inappropriate relationship with Jessica Dorrell, and has been placed on paid administrative leave.

  • kip devereaux

    We would just recommend saving the receipt.

    lol. make sure to use one of those 20% off coupons too.

    • Dave K

      you can use multiple coupons. one for each gift.

  • cycledan

    She is hot though.

  • kip devereaux

    is her fiance in blackface? very inappropriate if so.



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  • Charlie

    Hey Josh:

    If you came up with $ 20,000 you could bang her without marrying her. Let’s see there a word for that ” PROSITIUTION” comes to mind !

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    She’s a horseface, but I nail her with a bag on her head.