Seattle Seahawks still have ugly uniforms

The NFL and Nike unveiled their new line of team jerseys today and the only team receiving a makeover was the Seattle Seahawks.

Not exactly the most flattering uniforms. Some thought Seattle would return to their old design, but looks like they went to a hybrid of the old and new with a few updates. Neon just doesn’t belong on any uniform.

  • Dak Lenyk

    “Just Do It!” and they did. Nike unveils the new “Vomit” designed uniforms. This should be the only thing that keeps the Hawks out of the play-offs this season.

  • larry

    Hey Dak Dak-
    you sound quak quak. live much in the past
    cave dork.

  • GVTran

    I would prefer the natural hawk feather colors.

  • Tony

    Hey Larry,

    Are you three? Only a child would think these putrid, poorly designed gaudy “uniforms” are not the WORST THINGS E-V-E-R. Buffalo retired their crap look for their classic unis last season, so apparently Seattle ran to fill the mantle of too many colors and patterns on one uniform.

    Give it five years, the 90s uniforms will be back. Guaranteed.

  • winterhawk

    I wouldn’t accept one of these new jerseys if NIKE gave it to me let alone pay for it. It is the ugliest thing I’ve ever seen. Just got a closer look and see that there are 2 colors of blue that make up the jersey. That makes it worse even.Green spot on shoulder is only there to accent the NIKE trademark.The guy who designed these obviously has no knowledge of football or what is INTIMIDATING as they claimed.I will NEVER buy one of these ugly things, let alone wear one.My 5 year old daughter could design a better football uniform with her crayons. At least those wouldn’t have colors that clash.Look at the helmet and jersey.They literally clash.We didn’t get hit by the ugly stick…we got hit by the whole tree.NOBODY SHOULD BUY A SINGLE ITEM!!! Then maybe next time they’ll take us fans into consideration

  • Janice Wrhel

    They still look like big bruises!!!! But I do want a pair of those green shoes, wonder where I can get them??

  • tevan walker

    u guys know nothing about football fashon volt green is the new black and yellow. i think the seahawks unis are the best unis in da league. THE MOST UGLIEST IS DA SEAHAWKS VOLT GREEN UNIS BACK IN 09′