Wilbon: Colts are actually considering Robert Griffin III

This will not be the last report we hear from someone that is apparently, “in the know.” But ESPN personality, and former Washingotn Post columnist Michael Wilbon was on the air with PTI colleague Tony Kornheiser and informed him that people that he has spoken with within the Indianapolis Colts organization have led him to believe that there is a real possibility that the Heisman Trophy winner Robert Griffin III is a legit consideration for the #1 pick. Let’s look at Wilbon’s exact words:

“It’s not like I’m following this closely, but I had the occasion over the weekend to talk to a couple of people who have intimate knowledge of what the Colts are thinking. And you and I have talked very briefly on the show about are they still considering RGIII? Tony, I’m told they are.

Okay, so your information is more of saying something in passing. It sounds like a flippant comment was given to Wilbon to stir the pot. Kinda like Jim Irsay saying a couple of weeks ago that Andrew Luck wasn’t a done deal for the #1 pick. He would then go on to say that people within the Colts think that RG3 is a better pocket passer than Luck.

“They have stats, they have analysis, they have information that says to them it’s Luck who is faster to leave the pocket and not be as good in the pocket. And RGIII is better in the pocket, he’s a better pocket passer, better arm. And that they are seriously still considering RGIII.

Okay, let’s stop right there. I am not sure what game tape anyone is watching, but though I think both are wonderful prospects, there is no way you can sit there and tell me that the stats and film prove that RG3 is better passer in the pocket than Luck. And even if that had been said, Luck was outstanding outside the pocket. He also reads and breaks down a defense better than any other QB coming out of college since some dude named Peyton. That’s not to say that RG3 can’t, but the evidence favors Luck, substantially.

This sounds like Wilbon wanting to be all journalist more than anything else. He has been more of a windbag in recent years as his fame grew on ESPN. He suddenly became an in-studio analyst for the NBA. And not because he provided journalism. To actually breakdown what was happening. Wilbon has been out of this side of the business for too long. I think anything that he says, or any other talking head from ESPN that isn’t an actual journalist that does actual reporting should be taken with a grain of salt. A large grain of salt.

  • http://www.sportmentary.com Sportmentary

    I think all GMs, especially the ones with the top 5 picks want to throw everyone of, so other GMs and team officials don’t know what they will be doing. I think most if us feel that the Colts will go with Luck.

  • knightwhosaysni

    Wilbon: Colts are actually considering Robert Griffin III

    Trust me, they’re not.

  • Groin

    Wilbon is a no talent ass clown. That is all.

  • Cuban Pete

    All you playa-haters go on and hate, but Wilbon is spot on. Luck has only look good ’cause he plays in that weak-ass Pac10 conference. If Luck had tried his “luck” in the SEC they would’ve panckaked his silly ass.

    Even money has Irsay sitting around his pad thinkin’ “…mmmm how can I screw that 5’4″ POS Snyder? Let me draft RGIII!!!”

  • http://thevictoryformation.com Dave K

    oh, I forgot about the high-powered defenses of the Big 12.

  • Pistol Pete

    Wilbon may be trying to appear to be in the know … and we already have enough of that kind of “journalism” here in Indy with Kravitz the Klown. Kravitz is a no-class journalist who wants to be big time … he’s not even above using others’ work and claiming it to be his own. Journalists who want to appear to be in the know should go to work for a sports team so they will be in the know … making up stuff to get in the news wins no favors with me.

  • http://cbhsports.blogspot.com cbh49er

    Wilbon: I’m a douche