Video: Did Bobby Knight fall asleep on GameDay?

Earlier today during ESPN’s broadcast, it appears that Bobby Knight fell asleep. Maybe he was just Tebowing and saying a prayer that Kentucky doesn’t win. Either way, Digger Phelps made sure to alert him.

Almost one year ago, Knight fell asleep while visiting the Mike Francesa show on WFAN. Maybe the season is just too long for the old General.

H/T @RL_Bynum

  • Mark

    Every time espn puts this creep on i change the channel. Espinoza should be ashamed of themselves for hiring this bum. I would like to bump into this bully on the street and see hoe tough he thinks he is .

  • knightwhosaysni

    I like this Mark fellow.

  • MarkS

    April Fools!

  • barry1817

    Don’t know how bad the time difference is for announcers, but it can do havoc on people that are much younger.

    But personally, it is all overkill. Whatever the crew says is speculation for the most part, and the game, to be played shortly, will be won on the court not in the PR pregame show.

    Do like commentary explaining situations after the game or after a play. But all the hype before is just that.

  • Greg Champe

    Hurrah for Bobby Knight! He is right not to have wanted Kentucky winning. They are a shameful cheating bunch.