Nike is suing Reebok over Tim Tebow jerseys

Nike, as previously written about, takes over exclusive rights to NFL merchandise on April 1. Reebok, in a last ditch effort to make a few bucks before their contract is up, has released a Tim Tebow Jets jersey, which is being sold in the shop.

Nike has now filed a lawsuit against Reebok for releasing these Tebow jerseys. Nike relased the following statement:

We have filed a complaint relating to unauthorized use of Tim Tebow’s name on New York Jets related apparel. Nike is authorized and licensed to use Tim Tebow’s name on products. We have no futher comment at this stage.

If you’re a Jets fan, better grab that Tebow jersey quickly. When Nike’s contract begins next week, prices for jerseys and other products are expected to jump in price upwards of 20 percent.

h/t to Darren Rovell


  • Sportmentary

    That;s bogus Nike. You have authorized use starting April 1st. Check your calender. It’s not April yet.

  • Watsonian

    Be careful, sport. Nike and their overlords will come knocking on your door.

  • Sportmentary

    Good point. I better watch myself.

  • Watsonian

    Then again, you’re in minnesota, aka sports hell. Nike probably doesn’t care.

  • HawkEye

    Then again, you’re in minnesota, aka sports hell

    /Looks at Cleveland & Seattle
    //I think they’er higher on the list

  • vez

    is it for sure he’ll be 15?

  • mmerc

    Nike is sueing because they own the rights to Tebow currently. Once April gets here they’ll own the rights to the NFL.