Hank Haney’s book reads like a trashy romance novel


Haney, who is one of the more respected golf coaches out there, has totally shot himself in the foot with such foolishness. Leaks have come about, and while all seem plausible, none are really interesting enough to cause any sane person to pick up this smut novel.

Some new highlights that have been leaked:

Haney spoke at length about Tiger’s obsession with the Navy Seals. That obsession included the befriending and hiring of a former Navy SEAL who allegedly claimed that Tiger’s father could speak to his son beyond the grave. A mission that included 10 jumps out of a plane over a day. Another mission where Tiger was shot by a rubber bullet. And ultimately the claim that Tiger blew out his knee toying around with these guys.

I can see it. Tiger is a beast. SEALs are beasts. Birds of a feather.

Other topics include his relationship with Elin. Blaming Haney for losing (you know because no professional athlete has ever blamed his coach). And ultimately a giant literary portrait of Tiger looking like an affluent rectum.

That doesn’t sound so bad, right? That’s not it! The pettiness is topped when Haney tells a story about Tiger getting up and getting a popsicle…WITHOUT OFFERING HANEY ONE! Of all the evil and maniacal things!

You can waste your money on the book at your local Barnes and Noble, or Amazon, or just wait for every news and sports website to continue to give you the juicy details.  I cannot wait for the movie!

  • http://www.sportmentary.com Sportmentary

    He’s an idiot ans has lost all credibility in the gold world.

  • knightwhosaysni

    In fairness to Haney, there’s 2 popsicles in that picture. How hard would it have been for Tiger to break the other one off and give it to him. What a dick move.

  • http://cbhsports.blogspot.com cbh49er

    He’s an idiot ans has lost all credibility in the gold world.

    Only TBL has credibility in the gold world.

  • Trey

    +1 KWSN

  • http://enjoyorhire.blogspot.com vez

    before i read the post, i took the popsicle photoshop to mean


  • Groin

    What healthy person eats sugar free popsicles? No thanks.

  • Groin

    Hank, you ever think maybe Tiger didn’t want you dripping Berry Blast kool aid all over his leather couch?

  • gary

    Haney was not much of a golf coach prior to Tiger and he is currently hocking his wares on the Golf Channel teaching non golfers how not to embarrass themselves as he has done with this book. How many professional golfers does he now have in his stable. That should be answer enough and the reason he wrote the book as he has nothing but free time on his hands, compared to all the other golf coaches professional ones that is.