Bo don’t know Tecmo

The greatest two-sport athlete of all-time, Bo Jackson, is also considered the greatest video-game athlete of all-time. Jackson was almost unstoppable in Super Tecmo Bowl. You could literally destroy all competition only relying on Bo and the then LA Raiders rushing attack. But do you know that Bo never played the game?

“To be honest with you, I’ve seen a kid play that game once … I have never played that game.”

“I still have the ‘Tecmo Bowl’ cassette, in a box somewhere in one of my storage places or in the attic. But I’ve never played the game.”

That is hysterical. If I was the most dominating digital athlete, I would abuse my opponents with myself.

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  • Watsonian

    There is a glitch play on the original tecmo bowl. If you use the Raiders, you could throw the dump pass to Marcus Allen in your own endzone and it would give you a TD.

  • Trey

    I spent hours playing that game as the Raiders and never saw that. Awesome.

  • Watsonian

    I usually ran with the Giants. I’d block every extra point with LT. Beastly.

  • cycledan

    I saw the interview on Boomer and Carton (WFAN in NY) with Bo Jackson where he said he didn’t play the game. If you think about it, he probably didn’t have the spare time.

  • knightwhosaysni

    Did you file this under enough tags?