Chris Kluwe: Vilma should be “banned for life”

Earlier this week, Sean Payton, Gregg Williams and Mickey Loomis received their severe punishments from the NFL for their roles in the involvement in the bounty scandal that took place with the New Orleans Saints. The one individual that was allegedly involved in direct bounty payments, Jonathan Vilma, has yet to receive any punishment. If Minnesota punter Chris Kluwe has it his way, Vilma would be banned for life.

To refresh your memory, Vilma allegedly offered $10,000 to whoever could knock a certain teammate of Kluwe’s on the Vikings, Brett Favre, during the 2010 NFC Championship Game. Kluwe is not afraid to take his opinion public, as he did on the Judd & Phunn show on ESPN Radio in Minneapolis.

“My position has always been that I think Vilma and Gregg Williams should be banned for lifeand then Payton should get a year, their GM should get a year and anyone who knowingly took money after a hit that injured someone should get a year as well,” Kluwe said.

Kluwe has embraced his role as a punter, a position on teams usually very isolated from other players, as he was very outspoken during the lockout about other’s behavior.

The Minnesota punter is sure to ruffle some feathers among players in the NFL, and maybe even on his own team. He may have also made himself a target if someone get a shot at him on Sunday’s next fall. Better keep that head on a swivel.

18 thoughts on “Chris Kluwe: Vilma should be “banned for life”

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  5. If two of the coaches involved in this scandal were deemed to be worthy of a year’s suspension then those players who were directly involved are worthy of an even greater punishment, though a lifetime ban seems a bit too much to ask for.

  6. jrod, it’s much harder to prove which players hurt someone for money, and i think anyone who knew about the system, but didn’t blow a whistle could be liable for a punishment. so basically, the whole team and staff

  7. any player involved should be banned for a minimum of 1yr if vilma put up 10k for brett to get carted of then yes i think a lifetime ban would really make a statement and show that this type of crap will not be tolerated.

  8. You are truly a bunch of idiots. You would all be singing a much different tune if ths were your team… and don’t think for one secind that it doesn’t happen. I hope your teams get investigated next… A-Holes!

  9. Who’s the idiot? If my team was paying to injure other players, I’d stop watching football if they just looked the other way.
    Yeah, players get hurt- but no one has ever found an NFL coaching staff involved in an ongoing scheme to pa a hit squad to intentionally damage players’ carreers before.
    Besides cheating, it’s illegal, and violates the league’s specific annual warnings, and the players’ collective bargaining agreement regarding payment. The Saints also got caught lying to league investigators.
    If you think all teams are that bad, then why even watch football? Kluwe’s right on.

  10. Dear punters,

    “Know your role.”


    Real football players

    This. Kluwe needs to know his role and shut his mouth!

  11. Hey #11, while you love cheaters and scumbags, I don’t. You are full fo cr*p and don’t know me. I used to be a Miami Hurricanes fan but stopped watching them and feel they should receive the death penalty. what they did pales in comparison to your cheating team.

  12. Kluwe needs to speak up more. not shut his mouth, THE AINTS shoudl have had their superbowl taken from them. that would have been the only real punishment. now if teams want to cheat to win a superbowl they only lose 2 2nd round draft picks. the AINTS are just that AINT NOTHING BUT LOUSY CHEATERS

  13. Uh, hello guys….what the hell is the defense’s purpose to begin w/.?.? To hit hard & guess what.?.?. Duh they get paid for it by the….wait for it….the f’n NFL & Mr. High & Mighty Rodger Goodell himself.!.!.!….I am a huge saints fan & hail from good ole Louisiana but first & foremost I’m a football fan.!.! Yeah the saints may be wrong but evidentally their bounty system didn’t work too well or maybe just maybe they didn’t set out to maliciously hurt players just give a little incentive to play harder….the biggest play I can remember is the one on Farve in the championship & all he got was a bruised ankle.!.! Let’s also take into account that….& this is in no way an excuse but not only have numerous players from other teams come forward & said that they have played on other teams where these same systems have been in place but Green Bay was running the same kind of system only a year before the saints….where’s their punishment.?.? What should be good for one should be good for all….Goodell try’s to tip toe around it b/c what supposedly they stopped it as soon as the league caught wind of it.?.? I was under the impression that rules are rules & how do u expect anyone to take them seriously when u bend the rules for one & not the other….personally I wouldn’t feel so disgusted w/ Goodell if he wouldn’t talk out of his ass to make himself look good & the Saints look like a bunch of a..holes….

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