MLB is standing pat on instant replay – for now

Just give them time. Baseball tends to do things a little bit slower than every other league in sports, but eventually, they come around. There is no need to worry about a baseball game taking longer to be played this season, as Major League Baseball announced that they will not be expanding instant replay for the 2012 season.

MLB had been looking to expanded the video services to include trapped balls, fair-or-foul rulings on non-home run hits, and fan interference all over the park. Of course, nobody is talking about safe or out. However, they opted to shelve any changes to this season, while looking to implement the new rules in 2013. Or, at least possibly by then. Both MLB and the unions that rep the players and umpires would have had to agree to any changes.

“We weren’t able to come up with an acceptable set of agreements between the three parties,” MLB executive vice president for labor relations Rob Manfred told The Associated Press on Tuesday. “We hope we’ll be able to do it in time for the 2013 season.”

Replay was first used in by football back in 1986, with a slight hiatus, before the current system used in the NFL was instituted in 1999. The NBA first introduced replay during the 2002 campaign. The NHL had long been using instant replay as well. But MLB finally put it into play way back in 2008 to help with home run calls.

There are a lot of people that would rather not deal with instant replay. These people are dinosaurs and happen to also be people that think runs scored and RBIs are great way to judge how good a hitter is. Would it make the game longer? Sure, if they have to go to it. But it won’t make it considerably longer. And, this is the best part, the play would be more likely called correctly. Is there still human error involved? Of course, but not to the degree that we have seen when an 60-year-old man can’t get down the foul line to clearly see if a fan reached over the fence and took away a sure out from an Orioles outfielder. Even as a Yankee fan that has seen his team benefit from poor judgment, I would prefer instant replay. I’m even for putting sensor’s in along the foul lines and letting a computer call balls and strikes.

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