The Morning After – March 12, 2012 edition

Another Monday greets us all today.

Congratulations to the 68 teams who made it to the Big Dance. First to the 31 Conference Tournament Winners, since they earned the automatic bid. Then to the other 37 institutions whom the NCAA Selection Committee has deemed to be deserving of the spot.

I am pretty sure we will have a myriad of posts upcoming to deconstruct the bracket, and other what nots, but there are other things to look at, as there is the NIT and the CBI and the CIT, too.

Good luck and may the bracket gods be nice to you.

Here are the links to make your day after the jump

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  • Trey

    there are other things to look at, as there is the NIT and the CBI and the CIT, too.

    I can promise you this. I will not look at any of these.

  • cycledan

    The only time you ever look at the other tournaments is if your team is in one and then only for your team’s games.

    When a tournment already has the top 68 teams and conf champs, there is not much fun in finding out who is 69th.

  • cbh49er

    I was a loser and watched the NIT Selection show since Mason had a shot at getting in, alas they did not.

    I am also a tournament junkie so I was googling the fields for the CBI and CIT last night.