Mike Slive opposes only conference champions in college football playoff

According to The Birmingham News, SEC commissioner Mike Slive opposes the only “conference champions” playoff proposal of his colleagues. (Yeah, this is really happening people…2014!!) Slive was a proponent of a college football playoff long before his cohorts, but seems to believe the proposal on the table would slight the SEC.

 The rumored playoff would feature four teams, each conference champions, and the preliminary round played on campuses. Unless you’ve been living in Iran, or just came out of a 20 year coma, you’d know that this year’s champion, Alabama, was not the SEC champ. Under the proposed system, with the BCS guiding it,  Alabama would have been left out in favor of 10th ranked Wisconsin. (Watches as nuke goes off in some people’s heads)…

The playoff would have looked like this:

Wisconsin @ LSU
Oregon @ Oklahoma State

If you’re curious. Wisconsin finished 10th in the BCS standings, with a loss against the 6-7 Ohio State Buckeyes. Why does a team from so low get in?

1 LSU  Obvious
2 Alabama  Sorry, but one loss seasons shouldn’t be rewarded under the playoff proposal
3 Oklahoma State  Obvious
4 Stanford  Obvi, oh wait, you’re out too.
5 Oregon  Welcome aboard  CONFERENCE CHAMP (nudges)
6 Arkansas Out. You smell like a queef anyway
7 Boise State  TCU won this league, not that anyone cares.
8 Kansas State Sorry we have one overrated Big 12 team
9 South Carolina You probably shouldn’t be this high.
10 Wisconsin Welcome aboard! You’re in because you won a shitty league! Punch is by the bathroom.


Is this enough to shelve the playoff idea as a whole? Probably not. For the first time ever we have everyone on board (here’s looking at you Delany), and college football stands to rake in billions from the games.

And I can’t say I disagree with Slive. At least not under the current conference championship system. You can solve this problem rather quickly. Do away with divisions within conference. Pit the top two teams in your league together at your conference championship game. And winner gets in. Viola. Trey is a genius. Just get the dammit playoff done. Please.

– Signed,

Someone who doesn’t mind the BCS, but would ax a minor/non-vital appendage off for a playoff.

(H/T Birmingham News)

  • natsfan74

    The only way a playoff works is if they limit the field to 4 teams – through either a Plus 1 bowl, or a seeded/ on campus playoff game.

    The only way you’ll get agreement on selection is if the field is limited to Conference Champions.

    So to get a playoff, this is the only way. But now, what happens to those teams who lose a playoff game? No bowl game for them? Take the top 4 teams completely out of the bowl system? Or, if you lose, do you still get to go bowling – increasing the exhibition game feel?

    F the playoff. I hate the BCS, and I hate the SEC, but at least with the BCS we are reasonably assured of getting 2 of the top 3 teams to play for a title. Not that lower seeds aren’t fun, but the best regular season team did not win a title in any sport in the past 12 months – including the BCS.

  • cycledan

    With an 8 team playoff, you have the 6 BCS conf champs and 2 WCs which works out great.

    With 4, I agree, needs to be the best 4 conf. champs. You don’t win your conference then you are out. Tough. There were a lot of people this year who felt that Alabama shouldn’t have been in the title game since they didn’t even win their conference.

  • http://www.thevictoryformation.com Mark Mizerle06

    you know, it really is quite simple…get the conference champion requirement out of any playoff configuration.

    the reason people want a playoff is to get the best teams to decide the champion in a tournament-style format because they don’t like the current one. the best team doesn’t always win the conference championship. under this format, if Georgia had beaten LSeaUx in the SEC championship game this past year, neither LSeaUx nor Bammer would have played in this 4-team tournament.

    again, get the conference champion requirement out of any format whether it’s 4, 8, or whatever number of teams.

    /drops mic

  • cabbage

    Notre Dame, though irrelevant in my mind, probably still holds enough clout to prevent this.

    I believe the compromise that will come out of this is the top four teams will play 1 v 4, 2 v 3, in BCS bowl games with the winners playing in the National
    Championship game a week later. These top two bowl games would rotate among the major bowls each year. This keeps the bowls happy (read $$$$$$) and gives us a “playoff”.

  • http://www.thevictoryformation.com Mark Mizerle06

    you’re right on, Cabbage.

  • cabbage

    Not sure why all the debate, this is Captain Obvious worthy.