What or who did Francisco Cordero eat?

This was Francisco Cordero one year ago while pitching for the Cincinnati Reds

Okay, so not exactly the body of an Adonis, but not exactly fat and out of shape. Well, here is what Cordero looks like right now with the Toronto Blue Jays

Not sure what would freak me out more about this picture if I was a Blue Jays fan. That bird eyes staring into my soul, or my set-up and possible closer looking like the Detroit Tigers new heavy hitting first baseman.

H/T Andy Gray

  • http://www.thevictoryformation.com Watsonian

    He’s on the Miggy diet.

  • Johnny

    The answer to the question in the post’s title is “everything and everybody”

  • JGiddy3000, definitely not John G aka Shatner

    Coincidentally, the only bird big enough to pick up the NEW Cordero would have to be about that size.