Parent uses a laser pointer to distract goalie

I am going to give the parent a point for creativity, and at least they didn’t get into a fight with the coach or ref.

CBS Boston reports that a parent was tossed from Winthrop High School’s 3-1 win over Medway-Ashland when he used a laser pointer to distract the goalie for Medway-Ashland by directing it towards her eyes. The score was tied 1-1 when the father was caught in the act. The assistant superintendent for Wintrhop ordered the man to exit.

“It’s kind of like when you look at the sun and then you look away you see that spot and you can’t see for a couple of seconds. You shake your head and try to get it out of the system and just keep focusing, but it’s difficult,” Medway-Ashland goalie Kathryn Hamer told WBZ-TV

The name of the father was not released, but he has been barred from all future Winthrop events.

Medway-Ashalnd parents wanted the 3rd period replayed, but that was denied, as was any other formal appeal. The school superintendent did say that criminal charges might be explored.

We used to enjoy playing with laser points when we were younger. It was always fun to put the red dot on someone as they tried to identify where it came from.  But we always made sure to never shine it in their eyes because we always thought it would burn through their eyeball, or something like that.


  • cabbage

    laser pointers are for business meetings and cats

  • rekcalsa

    And dogs…they go crazy for ’em too.

  • Vez

    chick hockey is for chick hockey dads