Mike Piazza inspires an opera

That is probably one of the last things would ever had expected when it comes to the best hitting catcher in baseball history.

The former New York Mets catcher has inspired such songs as “Stepping Into the Batter’s Box, He Hears His Father’s Voice”, “Batting Practice” and “Postgame Interview.” Piazza was never directly spoken to by those who wrote the song cycle, though they claim they did try. Most of the songs come from interviews that he gave throughout his Mets career.

Back to the research that went into the song cycle. Mr. Paterson said he had tried to reach Mr. Piazza nine or 10 years ago, when they were working on the song cycle. But he said he never heard back. So he and Mr. Berkowitz read up on Mr. Piazza, copying quotes from articles about him and videos of him being interviewed. “We got the core of Mike from these transcripts,” Mr. Berkowitz said.

For those wondering if there will be a confrontation in the song cycle inspired by Roger Clemens chucking Piazza’s shattered bat back in his direction you will be at a loss. This opera takes place after that point in Piazza’s career. This all takes place on the back end of his career.

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    exactly. so weird.

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    read the NY Times article, I still don’t get it.

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    Isn’t Berkowitz The Son of Sam?


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