The Victory Formation Podcast: Valentine’s Day Massacre

Hey ev’body! We’re back again to soothe your ears with the dulcet tones of a bunch of white guys arguing about sports, occasionally yelling over each other and/or calling each other names, and still certainly earning our “Mature” rating. Another four man crew this week, as Spencer, Lefty, Parrish and I got together to talk PGA golf (no, really…), college football realignment and football strategy for another 75 minute recording. Lots of good stuff in this edition of the TVF podcast, including Parrish guaranteeing that he will never be invited to Augusta in April (28:45 mark on the recording, in case anyone wants to skip directly to that – and the resulting giggles – on a loop…) Spencer referencing Josef Stalin (possibly while bathing in a garlic butter jacuzzi tub), and Lefty breaking down honest to God football formations and play-calling. So go ahead and start the stream below, find us in iTunes, or download the MP3 directly to your hard drive.

6 thoughts on “The Victory Formation Podcast: Valentine’s Day Massacre

  1. the dig at DJ on the back 9 of a major was hilariously accurate, whoever said it. “I would bet my fucking life…”

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