Big House Set to Host 2013 Winter Classic

Michigan vs Michigan State

Michiganders! Get your best acid washed jeans and Starter jackets out! The NHL has announced that Toronto and Detroit are meeting at Michigan Stadium for the 2013 Winter Classic! This means only one thing. ATTENDANCE RECORD!

The Big House can hold 110,000 plus and  has hosted a hockey game before, getting 104,173 for a game labeled as “The Big Chill at The Big House” on December 11, 2010. (That game featured the University of Michigan and Little Brother)  Undoubtedly, the idea is to pack every seat, no matter how craptacular the view is so that the NHL can parade around such a gaudy attendance number.

Is it risky? Well there is a chance that the Wolverines could be playing a New Years Day bowl, but that is probably why the Leafs were included in this whole sha-bang. No matter what happens, the NHL has created a must see game every year, people like being seen in places where other people want to be seen.

Now comes the real question. Will they serve beer?!?!?! Michigan Stadium, like most college football venues, abstains from such debauchorous promotion. They’d much rather just sell you the mixers for the ziplock bag full of booze you tucked in your ass-crack. It will be interesting to see if the NHL gets this lifted for one day. 

Side Story: I went to a Wings game at the Joe. They had pour your own beer lines. I poured my beer, quickly chugged half and refilled it before walking to the register and handing over $9. Had I been smarter, I would have just thrown my mouth up against the tap and chugged until security pried my hands of the handle.

Anyway, should be cold, and fun.

  • Vez

    jeezus you could sit a long way from the rink. not in that weather and not for the prices. i’ll be seen at home

  • Geeezeus

    Now comes the real question. Will they serve beer?!?!?!

    Sounds like it.

  • cabbage

    High school coach is a real D’bag

    I mean, really? You thought it was OK to go there?

  • natsfan74

    This is the dumbest idea ever. I absolutely hated the Winter Classic in Heinz Field (except the Caps won). My season tickets (which are awesome) netted me end zone seats in row Y, so for $175 each, I got 2 seats about 80 yards from center ice. I sold those and upgraded to Club seats at center ice for $250 each (face value) so I was only about 60 yards from center ice. I was glad the NHL moved the Winter Classic back to a baseball field this year and was hopeful it would never go into football. So, instead, they go into the biggest football field west of Columbus. Dumb. Dumb. Dumb. Yes, they will sell 100K seats at an average price of over $100 each. But they will end up with 90K people who are pissed off by their view. And, how far is this game from Detroit and Joe Louis Arena? Nothing like celebrating hockey in Detroit by taking the game 45 minutes away. I guess there are no good baseball stadiums in Detroit where the city could also capitalize on bringing in tourists for the game…

    • Dave K

      25 mins away.people know whst to expect. This will be 3rd game played at football stadium, instate

  • Knightro

    I mean, really? You thought it was OK to go there?

    cabbage – both those guys are dicks. The coach had the opportunity to take himself out of the equation, but didn’t. Hope they get theirs somewhere along the way.