NFL Playoffs: Divisonal Round, with TVF Staff Predictions

Before this weekend’s slate of games, here’s a quick run down of each. Below, you’ll see the full TVF staff’s predictions for how things will shake out this weekend.

New Orleans at San Francisco, Saturday 4:30 PM FOX
The best offense in the league up against one of the best defenses. Some fans of the upstart 49ers (cough, cbh, cough) will have you beleive that no one thinks they can win. They might be a home underdog, but a lot of people expect them to keep this game close or flat out win. I’m not one of those people, but if you look below 4 of the 11 writers think the 49ers are going to win.

Denver at New England, Saturday 8 PM CBS
Now, here is game where one opponent is thought to get destroyed. Every writer is picking Brady and the Pats to steamroll the Broncos. However, we’re all idiots. Last week everyone of us picked the Broncos to lose, at home, to the Steelers. Then again, many expected a close game last week. That’s not the case here, with only two writers thinking Denver can stay within 10 points of New England.

Houston at Baltimore, Sunday 1 PM CBS
Once again the TVF staff, with the exception of BigD (seriously?!?!?!?!?!), is jumping on one team’s side. In this game, that team is the Ravens. Despite being led by Joe Flacco and that fuzzy caterpillar on his face, Baltimore is the staff’s heavy favorite. Then again, the Ravens dropped several games to lesser oponents this season. Would anyone be surprised if they choked on Sunday?

New York Giants at Green Bay, Sunday 4:30 FOX
At 15-1, the Packers are the heavy favorites to win the Super Bowl. As evidenced by our picks, most of the staff likes them against the Giants. After the way they steamrolled Atlanta last week, I thought a few of my colleagues might jump on New York’s bandwagon. Sparty, obviously, picked the Giants to win on the road. Patphish, maybe being influenced by last week’s curbstomping, is also picking the Giants to win. The rest of us picked Green Bay.

On to our predictions:

  • younglefty

    SF 24
    NO 17

    NE 38
    Den 17

    Hou 21
    Bal 17

    GB 35
    NYG 24

  • Big D

    Despite being led by Joe Flacco and that fuzzy caterpillar on his face

    I actually believe the caterpillar is the better QB.

  • cycledan

    Go Giants!!!
    (and Syracuse in basketball).