If it wasn’t for bad luck, Bears wouldn’t have no luck at all

Here’s the last month for the Chicago Bears:

Nov. 20–Jay Cutler breaks thumb on throwing hand in a win against San Diego, ending a season that saw him playing like an elite QB. Bears are 7-3, playoff chances very solid.

Nov. 27–Backup Caleb Hanie throws three picks and Bears lose to Oakland. 7-4

Dec. 4—This day was all kinds of fun, but comes in second place to Dec. 11’s follies. Stud Matt Forte has his bust-out season ended with a knee injury and Kansas City scores the winning TD on a toss-up from Tyler Palko that is beaten down into the arms of Dexter McCluster. It was Palko’s first NFL TD pass. 7-5.

Dec. 11—Marion Barber. 7-6.

Dec. 14—Finally, some off-field disaster! Sam Hurd’s Chicago drug franchise has an operational glitch when he is arrested for placing an order for weekly deliveries of substances with an undercover officer during a steak dinner. This arrest and possible scope of Hurd’s empire makes the Bears front office look much worse than it already looked for drafting guys like….

Dec. 20—…Gabe Carimi, the 2011 first-round offensive lineman from Wisconsin, who will have a second knee operation from an injury suffered in Week 2.

Dec. 18—-Bears get asses handed to them by Seahawks despite leading at the half. Johnny Knox is gruesomely bent backwards. Hanie again throws three picks, two for TD, one to a fat guy, just like he did in the NFC title game last January. Well, maybe the Hanie thing is not bad luck. 7-7, playoff chances no longer solid.

Also making folks chuckle round these parts is GM Jerry Angelo’s statement in Denver. Yes, he said that Tim Tebow’s performance just might be Divine Intervention, but that’s not the scandal. Angelo also said that 60 percent of evaluating a QB is evaluating intangibles.

Well, at least Bears fans don’t strangle their kids in Chiefs-inspired rages.

10 thoughts on “If it wasn’t for bad luck, Bears wouldn’t have no luck at all

  1. criminally underrated…some of the best guitar tone of all time (no hyperbole).


    Pretty awesome. I actually saw him on TV at some festival that was being rebroadcast on the Palladia station.

  2. Some of it is bad luck (injuries) some of it is pure shitty football (Barber, Hanie), some of it is incompetence (Angelo)

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