Video: KJ Dillon Channels Superman

Cue the music

If you aren’t impressed by this play by Apopka (Fla.) High star Kimlon “KJ” Dillon, then you must be Colin Cowherd. See, Colin Cowherd isn’t impressed by anything.

Anyway, he dove 5 full yards. 15 feet! In Pads!

  • Mark Mizerle06

    pretty impressive. dude’s lucky he didn’t break his head off though.

  • Mark Mizerle06

    also, if we were going to make predictions on when Vick would be injured, we should have included Stafford in the made-of-glass sweepstakes too.

  • cabbage

    Impressive, but not sure he would have made the end zone without the defender.

  • Vez

    cabbage saved me some typing

  • Dave K

    Cabbage and Vez are h8rs

  • cabbage

    Just keepin’ it real, homie.

  • Dave K

    i’m not your homie, chief.

  • Dave K

    btw, your gravatar gets me pumped up for the new Muppets movie.

  • cabbage

    Muppet movies are always great.


  • TTM

    OK so do I owe pat $10?

    Clearly Palmer did not throw for more than 225 yards (or whatever the number was) but he didn’t start. Is that irrelevant and immaterial? It does pertain to facts in evidence.

    Can I get an objective ruling?