Kentucky Fan Commits Recruiting Violation In Spectacular Fashion

The NCAA defines a Representative of Athletic Interests in several ways.  The one that applies here is as follows:

Have made financial contributions to the athletics department or to an athletics booster organization of that

That’s bylaw 13.02.13 b if you’re reading along in your NCAA Division I manual.  That covers anyone who has made a donation to a school’s athletic department, even if that donation was part of a season ticket package purchase.  That’s where Kentucky Josh may have run into a problem.  According to bylaw General Rule. All in-person, on- and off-campus recruiting contacts with a prospective student-athlete or the prospective student-athlete’s relatives or legal guardians shall be made only by authorized institutional staff members. Such contact, as well as correspondence and telephone calls, by representatives of an institution’s athletics interests is prohibited except as otherwise permitted in this section. Violations of this bylaw involving individuals other than a representative of an institution’s athletics interests shall be considered institutional violations per Constitution 2.8.1; however, such violations shall not affect the prospective student athlete’s eligibility.

The key part is in bold there.  Representatives of an institution’s athletic interests are prohibited from contacting recruits.  Assuming Kentucky Josh meets the definition of a representative of athletic interest, this tweet is in violation of, and very publicly so.  Good job, buddy.

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  1. psshh, this is only the most minor of recruiting violations Kentucky will commit. this barely moves the needle.

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