Video: The Giants Fake Injuries to Slow Down Offense

What happened last night in MetLife Stadium isn’t something new, or something that the Giants are only guilty of. The Rams offense was catching the Giants off guard early on in yesterday’s Monday Night Football contest. St Louis’ no-huddle offense was forcing the Giants to be misaligned, rush substitutions, and not get the defensive play called. Following an 8-yard run that set up the Rams at the Giants 15 yard line. Deon Grant and Jacquian Williams both fell to the ground on the play as if they were injured during the run. Williams got up shortly after realizing that Grant had beaten him to the attention of the referees and coaching staff.

We in the north end of the stadium had no idea what was going on, but apparently the ESPN crew and others were well aware that it was fake. It was a tactic to slow down the Rams, allow the Giants to get their breath, and make whatever substitutions they needed. At our seats, we figured that it was just another Giant with a torn ACL. Every time we see someone with what looks like an injury, we think that.

Anyway, should it be allowed? Is it good sportsmanship? Anything you can get away is fair game. If you can deceive the refs, good for you. But I have to disagree with Mr Chase’s assessment that the LT defenses wouldn’t do this. If you go look at game tape of Super Bowl 25, the Giants did just that to help slow down the hurry-up offense of the Bills. Who was on that staff? Tom Coughlin. You can watch a lot of games where no-huddle/quick offenses have led teams to pull off the same tactic. It is common, and not something the league needs to react to.

If it is in the last two minutes of the game, you won’t see teams do this on defense. If you are injured within 2 mins, your team will lose a TO. I see no issue here.

14 thoughts on “Video: The Giants Fake Injuries to Slow Down Offense

  1. I only saw a few minutes of the contest, if that’s what one can call that game, but Sam bradford is actually pretty fast in the open field…almost ran down a linebacker.

  2. I also watched my 3rd episode of Two and a Half Men. I just wanted to see how’d they write Sheen out.

    That show is now even worse.

  3. Trey they only really won that game last night because the Rams shit the bed numerous times

    It’s nice to see that the NFC west is still atrocious

  4. Seems like football is becoming more like futbol. They could’ve at least made it seem less obvious that they were faking…no Emmy award for them.

  5. no Emmy award for them

    considering the piss poor job that the Academy did with the nominations and eventual winners they would have gotten one

  6. They could’ve at least made it seem less obvious that they were faking…

    Charge them a timeout next time.

  7. I think that if a player went down and was not injured they could get flagged for delay of game theoretically. However, how can a referee determine if a guy is injured or not? I believe the player has to leave the field for a play if he goes down and play is halted or the team is charged a timeout.

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