So I went for a drive…

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…on Sunday, and before I knew it I was following this Jeep through the back roads of my city.  In Massachusetts.  South Eastern Massachusetts, at that; not exactly a college football hotbed.

Yes, that’s a real Florida license plate.  Looks to be some type of Cape Canaveral Commemorative plate.  Yes, it reads “TEBOW” – although it might have had a zero substituted for the “O”.  And yet, there’s a Massachusetts State Trooper sticker on the window, among other things.

Naturally, my first inclination was to grab the phone and call resident Gator-slurper Trey, or perhaps a more recent Gator convert in Miz.  But instead, I decided to simply tail this car until we came to a red light or it pulled into a parking lot where I could get close enough to take this photo.

I found myself completely transfixed by this plate, and ended up driving more than a few miles past my actual destination waiting for a red light (remember, back roads).  Finally, we came to an intersection with an active red light, and I was able to snap this photo.

I have no idea what it means, or who owns this car.  I’m sure Trey could run a background check if I asked him nicely enough, or have a cop buddy run the plate.  I’m not actually interested.  I prefer to think it was Timmah’s family out on a long road trip to my hometown.

  • knightwhosaysni

    If you were really dedicated you’d have followed them to their destination and then struck up a conversation. You’re an amateur stalker.

  • Johnny

    The site is rendering oddly on my work computer today

    Oh well

    Also the ac isn’t working it’s 87 in here…

    I hope my computer catches fire

  • cbh49er

    My comment never showed up?

  • knightwhosaysni

    Also the ac isn’t working it’s 87 in here…

    If it was 7 pm, you could probably live through it knowing the hottest part of the day was over. But at 7 am that’s a special kind of hell.

  • Johnny

    It seems to be working now. At the very least it’s down to 81

  • arkbadger

    apparently the term “backroad” has a different meaning in Massachusetts than it does in Arkansas.