The Morning After: April 29, 2011

The Red Wings start their second round rematch versus San Jose tonight. Last year the Sharks eliminated Detroit in five games, with their four victories all coming by one goal. This is a different Wings team this year. They’re fresher than a year ago, having had a week to rest. Last year the Wings took seven games to get past the Coyotes in the first round. This year they swept those same Coyotes. The Wings are also much deeper than a year ago. They are just as deep as the Sharks up front, have a better and more experienced group of defensemen, and have a goalie who only gave up four even-strenth goals in the first round of the playoffs. The Wings want revenge and are seeking redemption. They’re using last year’s thumping from the Sharks as motivation. The Wings have waited a year for this rematch and to beat the Sharks on their journey back to the Stanley Cup finals. They get their chance tonight.

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Fuck zombies; spiders are going to kill us all. [Fox News]

I have a natural dislike for all things Ann Arbor, but this douche just gives me fuel. [Freep]

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Tom Glavine once said he’d never let a little leaguer throw a breaking ball. But are big leaguers throwing too many breaking balls? [Fangraphs]

Superman renounces his U.S. citizenship. [ComicAlliance]

Here’s a little jam to get you going on this Friday morning.

6 thoughts on “The Morning After: April 29, 2011

  1. I don’t know what to make of the ATL trade. I’m not upset with what they gave up, but I’m skeptical of what they got.

    Go Hawks.

  2. Maybe l’il sparty can write a post about how he feels with regards to Superman. Go all “check out line” on him.

  3. I have a natural dislike for all things Ann Arbor, but this douche just gives me fuel.

    Are you referring to the 19 year old who ran over the ducks or the McDonald’s workers?

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