The Morning After – April 11, 2011 edition

Welcome to today’s edition of The Victory Formation.

The office confines had a very very interesting visitor during the past week, as long-time NBA veteran A.C. Green actually visited the office and said hello. As part of the occasion, the peeps can opt to shelve the normal attire for the jersey of my fave team. I, of course, opted to go with my alma mater. I seized the opportunity and had a picture taken with him. Looking at the picture, I really have to figure out losing weight. I might turn into Big D’s mini-me. (if I haven’t already evolved into one)

A.C. was in the country as part of the Jr. NBA Training Program, which is a means to preserve the future of Philippine basketball by finding, then developing, young promising cagers from all across the Motherland. It’s a little disappointing that I failed you guys in getting a more investigative interview or something similar, but then again, it’ll pale in comparison to someone who pulled off the Matt Bowen interview.

Meanwhile, I also had the chance to visit the Manila International Auto Show. Here’s a little snapshot of my visit.

Here forth are the links to make your week:

The Boston Red Sox (c/o Newark Star-Ledger) are a game ahead of my Tampa Bay Rays (c/o Creative Loafing Tampa). And my Rays only have one win.

Beantown on lockdown. (c/o Boston Herald)

15 k’s for Jered Weaver. (c/o Los Angeles Times)

Matt Holliday lost an appendix, but it’s all good. (c/o San Jose Mercury News)

Imagine if the Bryan Stow incident transpired in Philadelphia. (c/o Philly2Philly). Meanwhile, expect top-notch security at  Chavez Ravine (c/o New York Daily News).

It’s nice to know that Cleveland (c/o GoErie) and Kansas City (c/o SB Nation Kansas City) are on the leaderboard. Could it be Opposite Day?

Miami finally figuring out Boston? (c/o Miami Herald)

Lakers now sputtering to the finish line. Still willing to give them a pass. (c/o Lake Show Life)

Looks like Joe Dumars will get a free hand. Although, it is probably inevitable that Kuester is screwed. (c/o The Detroit News)

Jenn Sterger ain’t a gold-digger. (c/o Huffington Post)

Mark Richt is already behind the 8-ball with his attempt to save his job. (c/o Atlanta Journal-Constitution)

UNLV goes back to its Tark roots. (c/o CBS Sports)

Manchester United remains on track to seal their league title. (c/o Telegraph)

Louis Van Gaal gets Ned Yost’d. (c/o Dirty Tackle)

The St. Louis Rams have a new cousin in Arsenal (c/o World Soccer). They are the third “cousin” tandem after the Bucs and Manchester United (c/o the Glazer family) as well as Liverpool and the Red Sox (c/o Fenway and as of late, Lebron James)

4 El Clasicos in a stretch of 18 days is, in all likelihood, imminent. Isn’t that a great thing? (c/o The Guardian)

Erik Morales had a Rocky Balboa moment. (c/o Underdog Boxing)

A view into the right-hand man of the boxing icon. (c/o Solar Sports)

I will choose to believe this more if the news actually came from your end of the woods and not ours. (c/o Philippine Star)

Congrats to Charl. He got green (c/o New York Post).

And to part, here is an interesting modern take into an old classic song by The Human League.

  • cabbage

    I’m guessing you felt bigger during the second picture.

    And nice Bills shirt.

  • Trey

    Good Masters.

  • Trey

    Detroit just isn’t kicking a legend like Dumars to the curb. He’ll get time to rebuild.

  • Trey

    It is already so fucking hot here…

  • Knightro

    It is already so fucking hot here…

    I am not happy with the climatological turn we have taken. Not happy at all.

  • Trey

    Same Knightro, I had to turn on the AC yesterday…it got too hot. And the yard work Saturday? Torture!

  • Dave K

    Dumars put together a team that won a title and went to 6 straights ECF. Then he screwed up trying to get them over the hurdle again. I still firmly believe that he spent the money on Gordon and Villanueva because he knew the handcuffs were coming from ownership. he had a deal in place for Boozer, Karen Davidson said no. He didn’t nix the Rondo deal, she did. He should be given a fair chance to correct his mistakes, he’s earned that.

  • Dave K

    oh, and he had a deal to hire avery johnson, davidson said no to that as well.

    Please go get Jerry Sloan…

  • Trey

    Sloan is going to a contender man…Brian Shaw will likely get the Lakers gig, but his name has to be in there somewhere. If Stan gets canned here, I’d imagine the Magic would look his way too. Then there is the Knicks.

  • Dave K

    idk…Gores might try to make a splash and since they typically can’t compete in FA, he might throw a boatload at him.

  • Vez

    now THAT’s a roundup!

    jp, i think that girl liked you.

  • arkbadger

    Arkansas with a big series sweep over the weekend against lsu. 2 walkoff’s, now only one game back in the west.


  • jp manahan

    It is already so fucking hot here…

    Almost 90 degrees here at our neck of the woods. Will get warmer to around 95 by around May

  • jp manahan

    jp, i think that girl liked you.

    The girl is one of my friends on Facebook. Because of her popularity, she had to create an additional account.

  • vez

    so i was right