2011 TVF Chocolatology: The Championship

I can’t tell you how pleased I am with the final participants in this years tournament.  In the 3 years we have been doing these fun posts, this is the first time I am legitimately happy with the results going into the Finals.  I am a big fan of both of these chocolate delights, and both of them have different surprises once you bite in.  One is a soft sweet secondary flavor, while the other is a hard crunchy secondary texture.  Both give you more than 1, which makes it more fun to eat. They are both just better than being chocolate treats.  What is even better? They aren’t candy bars. They are completely unqiue

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13 thoughts on “2011 TVF Chocolatology: The Championship

  1. Just for that I logged in under 3 different accounts and put Reese’s way ahead.

    j/k, I’m too lazy to sign in and out that many times.

  2. While I would have voted for Reese’s, KitKat was my late dad’s favorite. So I am pouring one out for him by voting against my true passion and clicking on KitKat.

  3. I couldn’t believe how close the semifinals voting was.

    And isn’t that exactly what we want in any great competition? Close contests, hotly contested, going down to the wire!

  4. When did Snickers get the boot? Suppose I have myself to partially blame as I didn’t do my part

  5. I’ll kill you for voting Kit Kat over Reese’s. The peanut butter cup is the king. It’s science.

  6. perfect! i’m spendiung the next several hours writing a 1300 word story on candy in convenience stores. i will end it by declaring a vote for reese’s as a vote for weakness of character

  7. So the lesson of chocolatology is that most people don’t prefer chocolate?

  8. Where can I get that Reese’s, KitKat combo pack pictured above? That’s awesome.

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