George Mason Band Is Full Of Rage

Since today is unofficially CAA Day here at The Victory Formation, here’s an awesome video of the George Mason University band rocking out with a little Rage Against the Machine.

8 thoughts on “George Mason Band Is Full Of Rage

  1. Holy shit. This is so badass. I had tickets to a Beastie Boys/Rage concert years ago when an idiot from the BB broke his collar bone so they had to cancel. I was so depressed.

  2. FUCKING AWESOME. To this day, one of the best concerts I ever saw was Rage with Wu-Tang opening up. Also, a few years ago at Lolla, Rage was fucking awesome.

  3. I am bursting with GMU pride. Doc Nix, who leads the pep band is the reason they have become so good.

  4. Colonial Athletic Association

    or as Jim Larranaga called it in 2006, Connecticut Assassin Association

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