Sunday Morning Hangover

Happy Sunday! I went the Orlando Chili Cookoff yesterday (Apparently Knightro was there but we missed each other). I pretty much ate about 40 pounds of chili. Some good, some bad, some terrible (see: vegan chili)…amongst all th hoopla, was this little challenge

Yeah, the guy made me “practice” because he didn’t want me breaking my fist. Please. You’re a guy dressed like a Cobra Kai at an event with hundreds of hot chicks in sundresses anfd hormonal dudes drinking beer. I should be worried about the on getting hurt.

To my friends up north…85 degrees and sunburnt. I missed this weather.

25 thoughts on “Sunday Morning Hangover

  1. After 40 lbs of chili you should have farted and broke that piece of wood. Ate some salsa at the Quietly Making Chili tent and cried. I have a high tolerance for spicy. That stuff was supernaturally hot. All in all a great day to be outside.

  2. on a karate note, I was flipping past channels late last night, and I came on the conclusion of the karate fight in the new karate kid, with Will Smith’s kid and Jackie Chan.

    It was absolutely spectacularly awful. The completely CGI’d it, and made the little kids do impossible things. The big finish was that the little black guy, standing on one leg while holding up his other leg with a broken femur, does a full on backflip off the good leg, then uses the good leg to karate the other kid’s face into mini-bad guy oblivion, and then somehow still lands on the good leg, because, well, he’s got a broken femur on the other leg.

  3. That’s sounds possible Clayton…leave it to your negative vibes to down someone’s accomplishments. That guy overcame a lot during that fight

  4. The worst part was that a lot of the trash talk was in a foreign language, and wasn’t subtitled. So when the one kid yells what must have been “get him a bodybag!,” I didn’t get the satisfaction of knowing that’s what he yelled.

  5. Oh, and I’m now going to have to watch the whole movie, because the “bully” was such a pipsqueak, and it seemed to be set in Japan for some reason. There’s too many questions now. I have to find out the crummy answers.

  6. Clayton…I interpreted the movie to say this…if you can’t get an acting job, have your dad produce a movie for you. I plan on doing that with my kid(s). The catch? They have to be in my screenplay of Crocodile Dundee 4: Collegedile Dundee

  7. They have to be in my screenplay of Crocodile Dundee 4: Collegedile Dundee

    at least you’re not putting them in your other screenplay, the skin flick.

  8. My screenplay is an autobiography, aka an updated version of Animal House meets Old School meets Hot Tub Time machine meets The Hangover meets Hall Pass

  9. I was also thinking of redoing Citizen Kane, but with the Rock in the lead.

    Or Star Wars…with Adam Sandler as Darth Vadar, Miley Cyrus as the Princess, and Jonah Hill as Luke

  10. Back to the subject of the post, we started drinking at noon yesterday and I petered out at 1130pm.

    My buddy and I killed a full bottle of glenrothes scotch and a bottle of reyka vodka. Did not get Alize.

    Feel ok. Hope the kids are alive.

  11. both times Lewis Jackson has killed State, they simply can’t stop anyone from getting in the lane whenever they want

  12. I wish Penn State had a good basketball program. I want to care but it’s tough when the ceiling appears to be the NIT with a once in a decade NCCA bid

    and what the hell MSU was closing in and then in a blink of an eye Purdue is rolling. Wow

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