Happy Hour: Hall of Fame Edition

So, Bert Byleven finally got into the hall of fame.  Stat geeks and Minnesota Twins fans everywhere are very happy about that.

I’ll admit, I’m one of those happy Twins fans.  Partially because I do believe Bert deserves to be in the Hall, but mostly because now he’ll shut up about it.  Should make watching Twins broadcasts that much more enjoyable this year (even though I’ll still catch most games on the radio).

As usually happens, the debate quickly turned to who did not get into the Hall.  The names that popped up first were Jeff Bagwell, Mark McGwire and Jack Morris.  I was amazed that Bagwell only for 42% of the vote.  To me, he is one of the players that passes that initial smell test.  Joe Posnanski seems to agree.

McGwire…yeah..I think he should be in.  He’s got the stats, but the are possibly steroid aided.  Of course, it was not against baseball rules at the time, so…yeah.

Now Jack Morris.  Yep, he was a stud.  Yep, he pitched in one of the most memorable Game 7s of all time.  His ERA would be 3.90 and wins are 254 (overrated stat, I know).  For me, he falls into the mythical Hall of Very Good.

Let the arguments continue in the comments!

And now, in sporting events tonight (Of course, in CST)


Carolina at NY Rangers 6:00 PM

Tampa Bay at Pittsburgh 6:00 PM

Atlanta at Florida 6:30 PM

Dallas at Chicago 7:30 PM

Calgary at Vancouver 9:00 PM

Nashville at Anaheim 9:00PM


Toronto at Cleveland 6:00 PM

Chicago at New Jersey 6:00 PM

Milwaukee at Orlando 6:00 PM

Washington at Philadelphia 6:00 PM

San Antonio at Boston 6:30 PM

Golden State at New Orleans 7:00 PM

Charlotte at Minnesota 7:00 PM

Portland at Houston 7:30 PM

Atlanta at Utah 8:00 PM

Denver at LA Clippers 9:30 PM

LA Lakers at Phoenix 9:30 (ESPN)

33 thoughts on “Happy Hour: Hall of Fame Edition

  1. I’m a really random traveler and decided to go to Paris for a weekend next month…

  2. His ERA would be 3.90

    The highest that would ever reach the Hall.

    I was amazed that Bagwell only for 42% of the vote. To me, he is one of the players that passes that initial smell test

    I am still baffled that Spencer appears to believe that Bagwell was just your average power first baseman.

  3. ditto to what Johnny said. I’m going to China in June

    Awesome. Traveling really is the one aspect of my life where I’m spontaneous and I’m not quite sure why

  4. I’m going to Vegas on the 15th. Does that count?

    if you go to the paris hotel, yes.

  5. I can tell you why Johnny. It’s something we have in common.

    Single. No kids.

  6. Johnny, CDG might be the most disorganized airport in the world. Paris is a fun, but very expensive city. I highly recommend Air France, as their business class seats are wider and more comfortable than most other airlines going to Europe.

  7. I am travelling to Barcelona for work next month. Travelling for work is never that much fun but at least I get to charge everything to the company.

  8. BTW, Titans getting rid of Vince Young. Guess he never matured enough for them. I wonder where he is going next year.

  9. I can tell you why Johnny. It’s something we have in common.

    Single. No kids.

    That’s probably exactly it. Thanks cabbage. I already booked on United so I’ll have to remember that for next time (yay to cheap flights and award milage)

  10. Just left UCF-Marshall game. We prevailed to open cusa play but an ugly game by both. I’ll take the win though.

  11. So with VY out of Nashville… Fisher’s staying put, right?

    Don’t know if I’d bet on that one.

  12. Ugh. we will never make the next step if we can’t steal a big time recruit from Ohio State and whoever else. mothercracker.

  13. Sorry Guys, married with 3 kids beats bachelor any day. Plenty of nice travel in North America (excluding Mexico).

  14. I just had a client have TWO bags lost on the way to Italy via Air France AND her replacement bag on the trip home.

  15. Never lost a bag at CDG, but have had them arrive a day late more than once. The food, wine, and seat size make up for the inconvenience IMO.

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