The Morning After: December 2, 2010

Good morning, Friends.  The calendar has turned over to the final month of the year and the Christmas countdown has begun for many of us (Hanukkah for some of you, and Kwanzaa for Trey).  In my house, the Christmas season began sometime near the end of October…the wifey loves Christmas and was singing “Sleigh Ride” well over a month ago.  I took her up to New York over the Thanksgiving weekend because she’s always wanted to go at Christmas time, and that was the closest we would be able to get this year.  The weather turned cold the day we got there, the holiday markets in the city were buzzing, and Christmas shopping was full-on, so it felt like we were there at Christmas even though it may have been a tad early.

Even though we’ve only made two vacation trips up to The Big Apple, we’ve started a little mini-tradition where we eat cheesecake at Del Frisco’s in Times Square.  It’s the best cheesecake to ever enter my mouth-hole and lay upon my tongue…absolutely exquisite.  So, our second trip of the weekend to Del Frisco’s was late Saturday night.  We sat in a booth kinda shaped like a cul de sac…i.e. we were sitting beside each other instead of across from each other.  We enjoyed our cheesecake and some cocktails and were getting up to leave when I noticed a guy just a couple of tables away, but right across from us, staring at us while we were putting on our coats.  I give him a couple of uncomfortable glances, and then we walk right by on our way out.  I then recognize this guy…it’s Mark Sanchez. And, he’s sitting at a large round table with several other football player-looking dudes and several ladies.  I inform my wife as soon as we walk by and told her I can’t believe we didn’t see him until we were leaving.  He could have been sitting there the whole time, but I didn’t even notice until he was staring while we were leaving.  She asked why he would be staring at us, so I tell her it’s probably one of three things: 1) he’s checking her out, 2) he’s checking me out, and/or 3) he recognizes me from my internet exploits.  She says – and I quote – “It must be number 2 because he was the only guy at the table flanked on both sides by a guy.”

Boom. Roasted.

Check out the Peyton Hillis show and pay close attention to the fullback blocking him.  Spencer had an orgasm over email when he sent this out.  (NFL…The Peyton Hillis Show Featuring His Sidekick, The Destroyer)

Speaking of Spencer and his emailgasms, he had another one over this dorky video game cheating thingee. (XIM3)

So, an Ork walks into a steam room and runs into a Horse… (Chicago Tribune)

Those Reebok toning shoes…yeah, they’ll put a hurtin’ on ya’. (Courthouse News)

Contrary to the beliefs of some very smart people, ESPN thinks Jon Gruden will not be the Miami Hurricanes’ next head football coach. (ESPN)

A San Diego State donor forked over major cash to help retain football coach Brady Hoke and challenge others to donate to upgrade facilities. (San Diego Union-Tribune)

Much attention has been given to how much potential money Boise State lost by losing to Nevada last Friday.  On the flip side, Nevada cost themselves a healthy load of cash in its big win over Potato State. (FoxSports)

Georgia will pay Florida Atlantic $1 million for a home game in 2012. (Atlanta Journal-Constitution)

Despite the best effort of Donald Trump, Mike Leach says he hasn’t been contacted by Miami about the job. (CNN

The Derek Jeter talks continue.  (WSJ)

While Jetah’s talks with the Yanks continue, let’s spend a moment pondering how far off the two sides are and what that effectively means in terms of another type of currency – bottles of Gatorade. (Beckett Blog)

Bruce Pearl is a very funny and engaging speaker: “I’ve made mistakes, I clearly did, but what I was hoping for was that some other dumbass would get on the front page and take me off the hook. I miss Lane Kiffin.” (GoVolsXtra)

Could recently-fired coach Randy Shannon end up in Minnesota?  (Pioneer Press)

Finally, remember this?

Well, the same people now bring you a new set of doppelgangers…one of these guys below is Bammer’s starting QB and aspiring Rhodes Scholar, while the other is a wannabe QB that can throw and/or catch a mean 10-yard post route ball…just ask his wife:

  • sae

    Finally, remember this?

    i found another one

  • Mark Mizerle06

    how did I miss that!? that’s a good one.

  • Some random guy who isn’t in the corner

    Look at that red headed stud on the left. I bet he pulled major A in high school.

  • john

    She asked why he would be staring at us, so I tell her it’s probably one of three things: 1) he’s checking her out, 2) he’s checking me out, and/or 3) he recognizes me from my internet exploits.

    Sanchez doesn’t strike me as a spreadsheet guy, so I vote for #2.

  • Mark Mizerle06

    King Julian does not have red hair.

  • Trey

    So…Michael Jordan’s son, Marcus, is not just living off his dad’s name. He’s pretty good…

  • knightwhosaysni

    Miz, the Sanchize was staring at you because he couldn’t figure out why anyone would be wearing jorts at a nice restaurant in NYC.

  • Mark Mizerle06

    brah, it was 38 degrees outside. jorts didn’t even make it into the luggage to go to NYC.

  • Trey

    Miz, you down for another bowl bet this year?

  • knightro

    I watched most of the game and I think Michigan State wins last night if the game was in East Lansing.

  • younglefty

    Mark Sanchez = journeyman poofter.

    /what I learned from TMA today

  • spencer096

    mark sanchez = noted cockhound