The Morning After: March 25, 2010

We now return you to your regularly scheduled Madness…that is already in progress. That’s right, the Tournament resumes today….and we all get to try to break down the brackets a little bit more and try to figure out if there is any scenario in which we can win. Well I looked….and the answer is NO. Not just for me….but for you as well. Yes you. The only person that can wins already knows it….so I am not going to spoil their victory parade by making the whole procession anti climactic.Congratulations Mr.Bracket Winner… really know how to pick em.

Speaking of Pick Em…we should do a mini bracket in the comments to see who gets the Sparty Sweet 16 Bracket Championship….sure there’s no cash but lets have fun with it…..Doesn’t matter what you said before…or if this doesnt coincide with your bracket….what do you think now…based on injuries etc…

Elite Eight

Michigan State
Ohio State
Kansas State
West Virginia

Final Four

Ohio State
Kansas State

Championship Game

Kansas State



You pick too….even though I am pretty solid…feel free to differ

On to the links

Speaking of Links….did you hear Tiger took a shit, yesterday…he also didn’t pick up his dog’s shit once. He practiced at Augusta and he won’t answer any questions as usual in a scheduled news conference. I hope he wins The Masters so we can talk about the actual game again.

Milton Bradley thinks he is Kanye West? If I was Knaye West I would be offended.

McNabb to the Rams? Bills or Raiders Seem more likely. But Really?….wouldn’t you rather go to Arizona? If you are going to a shit team go to the Buccaneers…at least its got nice weather and no state taxes.

Tim Tebow was told to “Shut the F**k” up when asking for a prayer prior to the Wonderlic. Don’t get me wrong…it could have happened…but why is this coming out now. This reminds me of a friend telling you he told a cop to “Suck his D**k” when in reality he said “Yes Sir…Please don’t Arrest Me Sir”… I’m thinking it didn’t happen.

The Magic got beat last night…on a game winning dunk? Here’s the footage:

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So we got Fantasy Baseball coming up soon.I am thinking of having a Prize Pay League where you can cut all the deals you want and trade whoever you want to whatever team to try to win a Championship. What ever deal you cut…you cut….just like the Yankees. Interested parties should email me at…entry fee is $25. We will do our usual leagues  soon too…I think.

Is GITC working for another blog….or should we hire the guy who compiled The Best Dunks of the Month to work for us? Someone should step it up here…..looking at you JP Manahan.

So – the news has been that some no name Gator Player I have never heard of Deonte Thompson said he couldn’t wait to play reciever at UF for a “real QB”….evidently this really pissed off Herban Meyer as evidenced by this post from tWWL.

Shit, I hate to do this to you guys but I just found this link…It is a Tiger link so read it or not. Supposedly Steve Williams may be out as caddie at Augusta….though I am not buying it.

Say it ain’t so Doc Gooden. You were arrested? DUI? Actually, why are things like this news? CAnt we just assume all athletes are drug doing, steroid taking, sex having, drunk driving machines? That way we could just not link to stuff like this. I had a DUI once…and I have done drugs….I haven’t done roids…..hmmmm. Is this news?

So, you wanna know the secret to picking the NCAAs next year? Get this guy a Twitter account fast! Perfect through two rounds? Wow.

Not a ton of links I know…but there just is not a hell of a lot going on outside of NCAA and Tigergate….actually Tigergate should be called “tailgate” shouldn’t it….Ha! I kill me.

I gave us plenty to talk about….put your picks for the Sweet 16 below. I will send a (((virtual hug))) to the winner.

14 thoughts on “The Morning After: March 25, 2010

  1. Re: “Steve Williams may be out as caddie at Augusta…”

    your link says this, mikey:

    Monday Robert Lusetich of was the first to bring up the possible ouster of Tiger Woods caddy Steve Williams.

    I have a quote and another link that predates Mr. Lusetich by almost 4 months:

    That may mean no future friendship with Byron Bell, no business partnership with Mark Steinberg, and no caddying and friendship with Stevie Williams.

    yeah, I liked it better the first time it was written too.

  2. Man that shot sucked. I didn’t see any of the game until THAT shot. The good news is I only have 2 more days til I’m moved in. The bad news is, we still haven’t painted our bedroom and our bathroom. Here’s to life.

  3. If Tiger is already practicing at Augusta, shouldn’t we know if Stevie is out by now?

  4. Who is this Tiger fellow you are referring to? Is he some sort of athlete on the picture tube?

  5. I hate milton bradley, never did following a player throughout a year give me such a bad taste as he did

    Thank goodness he’s gone

  6. by the way, Auburn hired Tony Barbee (a Calipari disciple). mizerle06

    Auburn announced this morning that they are renaming their new arena to…………..wait for it……….
    Barbee’s Dream House.

    • Auburn announced this morning that they are renaming their new arena to…………..wait for it……….
      Barbee’s Dream House.  (Quote)

      I laughed, as corny as it sounds!

  7. Milton Bradley should admit to using hard drugs just for an excuse for his actions.

    It’s time to put Gooden away for a while. Driving a vehicle with a child in it at 9 o’fuckinclock in the morning, while high is just sad. Really, really sad.
    He was so good and has fallen so far. Somebody stop him before he hurts somebody.

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