Good Name For a Sports Bar

Good name for a sports bar? We all have them in our heads…in fact most usually don’t want to give them away because they’re scared they’d get out. That being said, chances are you’ll never open a sports bar because it costs a lot of money, and not many people have that these days.

How did I come up with this? Well the DJ that did my wedding is fulfilling a lifelong dream and opening a sports bar here in Orlando.

So what would you name your sports bar?

40 thoughts on “Good Name For a Sports Bar

  1. Irish bar in NY City calls their upstairs room where I watched a rugby game this weekend, “The Sin Bin”. Basically the equivalent of the penalty box in rugby.

  2. Sparty’s –

    Petersen’s – We’ve got the best burgers around…you can take that to the bank

    • mikeychx: The Big Lead“We will Force Soccer and Hockey Down Your Throat ’til You Cave”  

      Got the soccer part right.

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