Jack Nicklaus and Tiger Woods as Bridesmaids, Part II

A Win For The Ages.

A Win For The Ages.

This will be our second look at runner-up finishes in Majors for Jack Nicklaus and Tiger Woods among other pertinent data points where our primary purpose is evaluating the relative strength of their contemporary professionals. An argument as to which player is greater is not necessarily the goal although this will provide armamentarium for either side you wish to stand with. If you didn’t see Part I, look here, but if you didn’t you are a jackass considering I Tweeted/linked the post roughly 567 times last week.

This week, we will look more specifically at Woods as Nicklaus was last week. Who with only 6 red ribbons compared to Nicklaus’ 19 makes my job–and the reader’s–much easier. Consider the only man to even pretend to be a foil of Woods in Phil Mickelson. Phil has as many runner ups in the US Open alone as Tiger has overall. Hard to say who that is more a credit to or discredit to for either case. At any rate, here are the (very) few times Woods came up just short. There aren’t any of these that have the epic feel of some of Jack’s so we will just go in order of date for simplicity. Continue reading…


The Second Week of Bowl Season, 2014

Duke’s (presumably) last game as a Hurricane will be in Shreveport, scratching for a winning record. #FireGolden

Some people have no sense of values or common decency and they’re worried about this week’s Christmas celebrations. I assume you’re reading this because you know what’s really important in life: watching and gambling on college football. I hope you are better at both than I am. If you are betting based on my expectations prepare to make a bookmaker happy. I was 2-3 in last week’s post but if you paid attention to my writeups I wasn’t even that good. Onward and upward, though!

There’s still time to join the Sparty Blog Bowl Pick’Em Game on yahoo! The password is SPARTY, if it asks. If you can beat my total score you win a sense of satisfaction! Continue reading…


Resurrecting the Four Tops in San Diego

There’s a Padres uniform and Justin Upton making an out. This is the first preview of the Padres 2015 season.

I don’t want to give the impression that I like what the Padres are doing from a baseball standpoint but the PR of it is pretty nice for San Diego baseball fans who are only looking at star power. Still, it’s been a while since the Padres had any star power at all at the plate. Last year’s nosedive into the garbage bin of history when they were hitting a combined .210 as a team through July wasn’t the biggest surprise in the world when you’re lineup is anchored by Jedd Gyorko and Seth Smith. But it’s a new day! Continue reading…


Jack Nicklaus and Tiger Woods As Bridesmaids, Part I



So, I got to thinking more about the Tiger Woods-Jack Nicklaus comparisons after last weeks post and despite the Greg Norman tease I think this makes a better read. Even most casual golf fans know Woods has dedicated his life to surpassing the record 18 professional Majors won by Nicklaus. Not as many know that Jack holds the record for most second place finishes as well with 19. While the most wins is still in play for Woods, however remotely, with only 6 runner-up finishes its safe to say Woods will never approach that record. Not that he wants it of course. But I’ve long held that in evaluating each career Nicklaus faced much stiffer competition than Woods has. To contradict myself slightly, today’s Tour is far deeper than what Nicklaus faced in his prime. Continue reading…


The First Week Of Bowl Season, 2014

Rashard Higgins is the patron saint of this year’s bowl games.

It’s the most wonderful time, it’s the hap-happiest time, it’s the most bowliest time of the year! I’m going to have a post each Monday for the next 3 weeks, breaking down the bowl games with my much vaunted expertise at picking college football games. My picks are in relation to the spread, not necessarily winners. So keep that in mind if what I write make no sense.

Don’t forget to join the Sparty Blog Bowl Pick’Em Game on yahoo! The password is SPARTY, if it asks. Continue reading…