Have a gambleriffic Turkey Day! What to watch, Thanksgiving 2014

Straight sex, homey.

This is the kind of post that would have featured ladies in bikinis in years past because it’s just a TV listing with odds listed and I’m advising you on how I would bet. I don’t really do the whole ladies in bikinis posts because if I’m looking for that I’m looking for porn and that’s not what this site is. The internet’s been around a long time, you should be able to find your way around it by now. Before we go on, here is my list of things I don’t like to eat on Thanksgiving: turkey legs. Happy Thanksgiving! Continue reading…


The Wind Down, Thanksgiving 2014

Tree full of bears. Be thankful.

Tree full of bears. Be thankful.

Sigh. Let’s see if I can drive away some more readers? Opinions are like assholes: they tear easily and are both a gateway to disease and an exit-point for all the toxicity that has built up in your body. I’m opinionated and given to hyperbole and emotional arguments but we’re all a bunch of navel-gazing narrowcasted shadows of the information we seek out so fuck it dude, let’s roll. And I mean that. We should all go bowling. I probably won’t actually show up because I’m pretty anti-social but if people can find each other… What? This thing is on? Look at that plastic bag fly… Good night, good morning, and Happy Thanksgiving. Continue reading…


HEISMANIC, Week 14, 2014

Having a tough time figuring out if setting the record against Kansas shouldn’t count or if it’s perfect.

Remember last week when Melvin Gordon won the Heisman by setting a new D1-A record for rushing yards in a game? All of our empirical evidence now suggests that it isn’t that hard. It seems unlikely and unfair that Tevin Coleman won’t break that record but then again he might because who really knows anymore? Let’s just get into it. Continue reading…


College Football Playoff Standings review for Week 14

The worst one won this contest, don’t be surprised if that happens again when the “top 4″ teams play in January.

It’s rivalry week so this list could look a lot different next week. I hope so. I hate seeing “Team Chaos” be a call to arms for pushing the CFB playoffs to a bigger umbrella. I just like it when colege football turns weird. BYU won a national championship once upon a time for being undefeated after a bowl game where they beat Michigan. Neither of those things sounds particularly impressive now but it was a big deal that year. As I get older I get to be more of a CFB Luddite and I wish we could just stop thinking our opinions of who is the best need to be validated in some way beyond a mish-mash of polls. Well, that’s never coming back so here we are. Continue reading…


Profiles in courage: The Philadelphia 76ers

The Sixers celebrate additional ping pong balls in this undated photo.

There has been a lot written the last two years about the Philadelphia 76ers and tanking for lottery position and potentially losing to a college team and these much studied American heroes are currently sitting at 0-14, potentially threatening the league record for least wins in an 82-game season, currently held by the ’72-’73 Philly squad. Continue reading…


The Wind Down, 11/24/2014

Protestors climbing onto the freeway in Los Angeles

Protestors climbing onto the freeway in Los Angeles

What do I have to say? I’ve been saying for 3 months that Ferguson, as a situation, is never going to end. That was hyperbole but here we are. This whole cycle has been grimly predictable all the way down to the piece of shit D.A., Bob McCulloch, held back the announcement of the grand jury report at 8pm local time to set off peak protesting / violence. I don’t have much in the way of links that I feel like sharing right now. If you can find a silver lining to what’s happened/happening please put it in the comments. Continue reading…